About Roland

Roland Köppel >> Musician / Composer

Piano, Hammond Organ B3 and Keyboards




Roland Köppel in Brief


Born 1975 in Basel


1996 studies at the Department of Jazz of the Academy of Music of Basel, focus piano

1997 scholarship for the Berklee college of Music in Boston / USA


1998 –  piano and keyboard teacher in a regional school of music Liestal


1999 extended stays abroad, Cuba (Salsa and Latin Jazz), Italy / Netherland (Jazz Master Class Barry Harris)


2000 diploma as jazz musician SMPV


2002 – 2011 docent at ZHDK / Zurich University of the Arts ( department of music / jazz )


Roland Köppel is a very versed musician, at home in many styles (Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Pop, Rock, Klezmer, Salsa, Latin Jazz, Czardas, Gypsy Swing). He’s an internationally successful pianist, organ player (Hammond Organ B3) and keyboarder as well as composer and band leader.



Master of Sounds


Roland Köppel was born in 1975 in Basel / Switzerland. After a short deviation into architecture, Roland focused 100on his career as a musician. He studied the piano at the Basel Jazz School where he graduated in 2000. During his studies (with Vince Benedetti, Hans Feigenwinter and Lester Menezes among others) he received a scholarship for the Berklee College of Music in Boston / USA in 1997 and his first position as piano and keyboard teacher at the Regional School of Music in Liestal in 1998. The following year, in 1999, Roland reserved much of his time for extended stays abroad. He traveled to Cuba (Salsa and Latin Jazz) as well as Italy / The Netherlands (Jazz Master Class Barry Harris).


Over the years, Roland developed into an extremely versed musician, at home in various styles of music (Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Pop, Rock, Klezmer, Salsa, Latin Jazz, Czardas, Gypsy Swing). Today, he’s an internationally successful pianist, organ player (Hammond B3) and keyboarder as well as composer and band leader.


In 2003, Roland was offered a position as lecturer in the department of Jazz and Popular Music at the Zurich School of Music, Drama and Dance SMD. Roland, who’s always had a broad musical horizon, is known as an expert in the areas of acoustic piano as well as universal jazz and groove. He’s a master of the left hand bass technique (often in the context of the legendary Hammond B3 organ, combined with synthesizer / keyboards).


Roland’s frequent stage appearances across Europe (amongst others: Basel, Zurich, London, Bremen) as well as his ongoing recording work reflect his passionate discourse with all that’s music.

His stylistic spectrum, his vast musical interest and empathy for all he takes on make him into a multi-talented keyboarder. Aesthetic and emotional expressiveness, fabulous truth of style, elegant and technically excellent play are as much trademarks as his entrepreneurial spirit and inspired power for innovation.


Worked together with (Selection):

Martin Lechner (voc)

Lisette Spinnler (voc)

Alberto Canonico (dr)

Kaspar Rast (dr)

Dave Feusi (sax)

Pierangelo Crescenzio (b)

Peter Lübke (dr, D)

Michael Chylewski (b)

Daniel Blanc (sax)

David Regan (sax, USA)

Neal Sugarman (sax, USA)

Brandon Ethridge (keys, USA)

Nubya (voc)

Roman Dylag (b)

Thomas Moeckel (tp, g)

Marco Figini (g)

Leon Duncan (b)




Current Bands:

>> LaBox

>> Little Chevy

>> Greasy (Hammond-Jazz / Funk) Neue CD in New York aufgenommen >> Elliott Marks and The Liquidators (Blues)

>> Close To Mars (Urban Beats)

>> Duo Zigane (Czardas, Zigeunerswing)

>> Git the Gap (Second Line-Marching, Funk)

>> 2007 We Will Rock You / Zürich (Rock Musical)

>> Martin Lechner (Jazz/Soul)

>> The Neal Sugarman Boogaloo Stars (US / CH) (Boogaloo Funk)



CDs (Selection):

>> LaBox – RatPack 2015

>> Greasy- Loaded Dice ( Bunker Studio New York) 2014

>>Little Chevy – Sweet Home 2014

>> Greasy -Silent Flow

>> Close To Mars -Get Closer

>> Martin Lechner -Gentlemen Are Hard To Find


>> Voice It (Lisette Spinnler) -Voice It

>> Voice It (Lisette Spinnler) -But Beautiful

>> Maja Christin -Romance

>> Elliott Marks and the Liquidators -100 percent Blues

>> Sascha Shönhaus Trio -Mr. Badman

>> Git the Gap -walkin’ and groovin’

>> Baith Jaffe -Lechajim